Big Update!

Well I have been pretty tight lipped about the R32 project but figured its time to give up some info on the build. It will be a pretty intense build, I want something that showcases all my skills and what we are capable at the shop. I want something easy to work on, reliable, and able to compete at a professional level.

Picked up the custom braced tension rod bracket, front subframe and rear subframe from powder coat the other day. Installed the new tension rod brace so I could get the car rolling.




Here is a little preview of what is going on at the back of the car. I want to back half the car but I am doing it in stages. Figure I may as well wreck the stock sheet metal before I tube everything. So just making room for the crash bar and the fuel cell.



S15 subframe I was running before, not formula d legal so I am swapping back to the stock r32 subframe. have to make a hicas eliminator going to do something a little different for the new subframe.


This is how much angle I have with the front wheels slamming into the tension rods and like 2 spacer widths still of rack travel. Going to space the wheels out as much as I can to hopefully take advantage of the angle I could have.


A big step for bruiser today too he got his motor back in the car with a little help of course!


And a quick shot of my motor, Its all apart ready to go to the machine shop I have been waiting on an sr20ve front cover since everyone is out of stock but I finally got one so it will be assembled soon!


~ by B. Rogers on July 12, 2010.

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  1. looks cool. car and the site.

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