Who am I?

Seriousbadass.com has added me as a contributor and I want to take the opportunity of my first post to introduce myself.

My name is Nicole and I’ve been dating Bryan Rogers about two and a half years. I have been into cars my whole life. My dad has been an avid muscle car enthusiast and NASCAR fan for years with my brother and I by his side. When I went to college I had a narrow view of cars; American cars are cool and all others are junk. My first academic counselor told me that her son was into drifting and this set off a slew of google searches and inquiries of friends. I attended every round of Drift Buffet in 2007 and met Bryan through friends I met there. He got me a ride with now professional driver, Matt Powers and from that moment I was hooked on drifting.

The following year with Bryan’s encouragement, I applied and was hired at The ID Agency as a PR intern. I assisted with the Formula D account and was lucky enough to get to go to Las Vegas and Red Bull DWC to help out at the media tent. I got to interact with the drivers and get an inside look into the world of professional drifting. A year later I graduated from college.

Since we began dating, Bryan has been so supportive of all of my endeavors from finishing school to getting my internship that in everything I do I try to return that support so he can pursue his own dreams. This blog is going to be about a lot of things but it will focus on what it’s like to be a drifter’s girlfriend and supporting the dreams of someone with such big aspirations.

~ by chiclulu on July 22, 2010.

One Response to “Who am I?”

  1. HURRAY, NICOLE! Go drifting. Hope to eat some ramen with you soon. 🙂

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