Well the weekend is over and I’m really happy with the progress I made to the Skyline. I cut even more out of the back! Baby steps to cutting the whole thing off. Welded up some of the parts of the chassis that got weakened by cutting it up like the rear window lower support. Then I boxed up the frame rail that was exposed from cutting out the spare tire well. Then I got the tig out and welded a chassis support bar between the strut towers. This will be x’d to the new tube frame rails in the back were the fuel cell will mount up and give it some strength for the rear crash bar. Then I traded my s14 rlcas for some s13 ones and got the subrame all put back together and the car back on the ground. I need to revalve the rear dampers and swap cases so I can go lower in the rear. The front I swapped back down to sr friendly spring rates instead of the 14kg I was running with the rb20. I can’t wait to drive this thing it should be amazing! I’m so happy to have it mobile again, I’m able to put it on a lift whenever I want it’s so nice!

~ by B. Rogers on July 26, 2010.

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