Saturday at the shop

I’ve spent the last year working both Saturday and Sunday of every weekend just hoping that someday my hard work would be rewarded with a weekend day off. A couple months ago, I found out I would be switching positions at work. The workload and pressure is more than before but I get to be off on Saturdays.
This longwinded story brings me to today. I’m at the shop watching Bryan and Bruiser work on their cars. My friends and family probably wonder what I get out of spending my day off at the shop but it is honestly the only full day I get to spend with Bryan. My schedule is so sporadic at work that it prevents us from spending a lot of time together even though we live together. I can’t change the fact that Bryan has to get work done and I can’t change my work schedule so I just try to make the best of it. Even though I’m bored and feel pretty useless when he tries to run his fabrication ideas by me, I come to support him through my presence and chat with him when he has a chance. He tries to include me and I appreciate that. He takes me to get bagels beforehand which makes me happy. All in all it’s a good day when we spend it together.

I also get to watch Bruiser doing a whole lot of staring and standing.

~ by chiclulu on August 14, 2010.

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