No going back now!

Well I finally did it, all factory sheet metal is cut off the back of the skyline. It took a little while to get it prepped enough that I felt comfortable just taking the sawzall to it. Well it’s done now and it looks a little scary with no rear end but after I put fenders back on it’s a little less overwhelming. The rear crash bar comes off with tubing quick releases so if I hit something and bend it I can remove it easy to fix it or replace it.

I was going to build the rear upper bar that the trunk and tail lights will be supported by but when I went to change dies on the bender which should have been a 5 second job the pin that holds the die was stuck and I had to completely disassemble the bender to get it loose. At least the 1″ die is on there now and it’s all put back together ready to go.

After that I welded up the new hicas eliminator bar. Still need to put mounts on it but it will be drilled and tapped for the same size as the steering rack so I can use the same tie rods for the front and back. It will make it easy to care spares that way and I can use ikeya formula in the rear which should prevent me from bending them.

~ by B. Rogers on August 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “No going back now!”

  1. dang

  2. awesome, looks sick man, cant wait to see this beast completely done

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