Well I got this wild hair to build a kegerator setup. Mainly to cut down on the bottles around the house. Since my roomate, Bruiser, and I all drink beer the bottles can stack up pretty quickly and since we recycle they always end up in bags waiting to be recycled for a while. In order to streamline the process I wanted to eliminate the bottles. Well I ran around on Saturday collecting parts and a used freezer so I could make the kegerator happen. I decided I wanted a 2 tower system so I can run 2 kegs at once and in order to accommodate 2 kegs I needed a pretty big fridge so I decided on a 15 cu. Ft. chest freezer and running it on an external thermostat. For the freezer I just picked up the cheapest thing I could find on craigslist. It was a terrible off white and it smelled a little questionable. I sanded it down and hut it with some black appliance paint then I cleaned it really well with some simple green and it’s good as new. Cut a whole in the top and ran the beer lines through. Mounted the tower and the co2 tank. Then hooked up the taps and mounted the thermostat and it’s all ready to go. Ordered a keg of my favorite seasonal beer from Kona brewing company and now I’m just waiting for the keg to get here.

~ by B. Rogers on September 5, 2010.

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