Short block assembled

Since the rear of the car is all finished up and I took a little car work break to build the kegerator I wasn’t sure what my next step would be. I came into work today so bruiser could get some work done on his car and didn’t really have anything pressing to work on. So I caught up on some emails and did some actual work then I decided I better check bearing clearances in my new motor in case they aren’t right I can re machine and/or get different bearings. Well I went to assembling with plastigauge and everything was perfect! Great news so I figured since I was already basically done I would go ahead and do final assembly. Busted out the assembly lube and got everything put together and torqued. Motor is a fully balanced sr20det short block and will have a fully built sr20ve head on it. More on the head later. The crank was balanced and I got the piston/rods to within .05 grams of each other. Ross forged pistons with brand new stock rods, acl calico coated bearings. Should be a great setup for 9k rpms when it’s all finished up and in the car.

~ by B. Rogers on September 6, 2010.

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