Actual work – JIC S14

So I haven’t gotten much work done on my personal cars lately so I figured I would post some of the actual work I have been doing, you know my day job! Lately I have been trying to get all the engine fab work done on the time attack s14 at work. Previously I modified the rear subframe and moved the suspension pickup points up, I moved them up so much I had to notch the frame rails to clear the camber and traction rods. Along with the modified z32 rear knuckles the rear geometry is amazing. Can’t wait to see this thing at the track! So I fabled up the intercooler piping, engine bay side will be titanium and aluminum under bumper for no maintenance. Fab’d up the intake tube and downpipe so I could final tight all the turbo components and lines. Then last two days I built a custom titanium exhaust. It tucks up nicely and is pretty straight should flow really well! Bruiser has also done work on the 14, ducting, lines, cooler mounts, lots of stuff here and there.

~ by B. Rogers on October 5, 2010.

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