Japanese VIP. Lol

Today I cut all the stock mufflers off the Q45 and then test fitted a JDM Cima exhaust we had in stock. Luckily the muffler and axel back fit pretty good. So there wasn’t much modification needed on the muffler side. Then I modified the stock mid pipe to delete the stock mufflers and match up with the axel back. Q45’s have a big stock muffler in the rear already that the previous owner cut off and replaced with just 2 pipes coming out of the bumper cover so the car already sounded pretty good. I was hoping to make it a little louder so I removed the 2 remaining mufflers and replaced it with the JIC Bullet straight through muffler. But it ended up being a tad quieter 😦 it sounds really nice though it’s deeper and the exhaust note is a lot cleaner with the new muffler. Also cleaned up a bunch more stuff, did plugs, fuel filter and air filter. Cleaned the interior and vacuumed the car. It’s pretty clean now and it runs way better then when I bought it.

~ by B. Rogers on October 18, 2010.

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