Daily funtimes

Spent the weekend working on the Q45. The Coilovers are custom so I am still dialing them in perfectly but they are getting there I need to make shorter cases for the rear so I can drop the car more since now that I’ve pulled the camber out of the back it’s a lot higher then I want and since I’m rocking 18’s it needs to be pretty low to look good. So I installed all the arms, ruca, toe, traction in the rear and front upper, tension rods and tie rods. Did a quick eyeball alignment since I ran out of time. Also got a chance to test fit my rear wheels I had to pull the rear quite a bit but got them fitting with pretty low camber. Now I know I can fit the rears I can order fronts and pull the other side to match. I’ll clean everything up and do the boy work when I get ready for paint. Looking for aero now 🙂

~ by B. Rogers on November 14, 2010.

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  1. Looking good man.

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