Since the Skyline is a long term project I have been trying not to kill myself building it so I’ve been only spending a couple of hours a day a few days a week working on it. So I have been slowly welding and fabricating my new custom intake manifold for the VE swap. I was originally going to buy a mazworx manifold but as nice as there unit is I really wanted something I built. I figured since I was building a manifold anyway why not use ITB’s? I have wanted to do a custom manifold with motorcycle throttle bodies for a long time and I guess now finally found an excuse to. The throttle plates are 45mm which is the same size as the runners going into the intake flange so I thought great this is perfect. Well when I received the throttles I realize that the reduce down to about 40mm after the plates. This was a major bummer and I wasn’t okay with the restriction in the runners, the itbs are also very long and would be almost impossible to fit in the engine bay with a plenum so I cut them right behind the throttle plates to shorten them up and give me a 45mm bore with a little porting. This length issue also served a problem because I had to weld in runners between the throttle bodies and the flange. These runners also had to go from the round throttles to the oval ports and shaping such a short piece of pipe is very difficult because when you oval one side it affects the round side. So I got them as short as possible and it looks like I’ll have just enough room but we won’t know for sure till the parts come for the plenum and I build it. I also welded some -3 male an fittings on the underside of the runners for vacuum lines to the vacuum block since all my vacuum lines on the car will be braided steel lines to prevent any maintenance problems at the track. Then built some new brackets so I could finally use my BDL Industries Fuel Rail that I have been trying to use forever but it wouldn’t fit with my s14 intake manifold. Long story short the lower manifold is done! Just waiting on parts that are in the mail to finish the upper intake.

~ by B. Rogers on January 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “ITB’s…..what?”

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  2. Which Motorcycle did those come from?

  3. hety i bought some itb s but the only thing that im not sure about is deleteing the maf sensor

    • If you have a plenum you can still run the MAF but if you are trying to run them open atmosphere then you need a stand alone so you can run a MAP sensor setup.

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