Pump Play

Just finished my first pump, I bought a half blocked oracle with a CCM pump kit on it, everything else was stock and missing reg and on off asa. As soon as I got it I figured out what parts I wanted and placed an order with ANSGear and CCM.

CCM Lower tube kit
CCM Return spring (mine was missing and I like the way it feels with a spring)
CP V2 Reg
CP Mini Rail and Mini On/Off
New line and fittings and new grips
100 Round hopper

Everything got here today so I just threw it all together. Has my SLP tank on it because I am still waiting on a high pressure 48/4500. Pics have my stock G6R barrel on it and last pic is with the Fibur Barrel I will probably use most of the time. Thinking about ordering a Eigenbarrel though. Cant wait to play with it on Sunday, maybe I will like it so much I wont even pull my G6R out of the bag.

I may re-anno but I want to play with it for a while first since it will probably be down for 2 weeks to a month when I anno. I am thinking about changing the pump handle to an easy grip delrin handle I dont really like the clear dildo handle but im going to play with it first. Also probably going to pick up a new frame because I am not a fan of the double trigger. We will see after Sunday what I want to change. Also the CCM lower tube kit is night and day different from the stock internals! So nice and smooth.






~ by B. Rogers on September 14, 2011.

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