The 510 has been running pretty rough lately and I have put off doing anything to the engine since I bought it because I knew it would eventually get an SR. It’s been 4 years though and the L16 is still running strong so I figured I would show it a little love and work on the body/brakes/suspension before I work on the engine swap.

I put a brand new weber 32/36 carb on with manual choke since the stock electric choke has been broken since I first got the car running. Then I swapped to an electronic distributor from a new Datsun, so no more points to adjust! While I was at it I re-wired the engine harness with a new ignition relay and removed the stock voltage regulator and starter relay since I have a single wire alternator and there has been a weird electrical problem somewhere that I have been chasing around. I still haven’t hooked up the choke cable and the car fires right up first turn now and idles great. Drives sooooo much smoother and doesn’t cycle when I turn it off. Very happy to finally have everything fixed correctly. Still need to change spark plugs do a valve adjustment, change the cool when it comes in and order a new radiator as the stock one is leaking but those things can wait for a little but.



~ by B. Rogers on March 18, 2012.

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