Homebrew: Berry Burst Cider Pt. 2

Today was part 2 of the berry burst cider experiment. I bought 6lbs of frozen mixed berries and 1lb of strawberries. Let them thaw and then mashed them, after that I put them in grain bags to keep the primary and secondary a little cleaner. I took a gravity reading and it was almost done fermenting just the apple juice so it was a good time to add the berries. I stirred the primary really well to get the yeast active and ready for another fermentation. Then I added the berries and sealed it back up. I’ll take a gravity reading tomorrow and then keep an eye on it I want this to be sweet and not dry so I’m looking for a finished gravity of 1.015 or so and with all the fermentables it should be pretty strong. My guess is 10% or more! I’ll keep you posted with one or two more posts after I kill the yeast and transfer to the secondary and probably again when I pour tap it.



~ by B. Rogers on May 5, 2012.

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