Chassis Wiring

Started on the new chassis harness today. I really hate stock harness they are usually over complicated and ugly. This car is a little more hassle since it will retain power locks, windows, and sunroof as well as DCC and a/c heater plus all of the required items. So I made up this little fuse panel/relay panel that fits in the passenger foot well so I can start wiring up the car. It uses a stock super multiple junction connector de-pinned of the extra wires I don’t need. This makes it super easy to remove the car as I can just unbolt all the wiring with one bolt. Here is what it looks like in progress and all finished up.



~ by B. Rogers on May 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “Chassis Wiring”

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  2. brogers. you so need to make up a harness for my s13, no DCC or power windows. But everything else it a nice neat cubed package haha.


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