Looking For Hood Clearance Pt. 2

Here is the 2nd installment of my quest for making the stock hood clear the vh45de I don’t want to run a fiberglass good because I hate hood pins on street cars. Also the only fiberglass hood that has a hope of clearing is the Origin type 2 hood and I don’t have any way to verify that without spending $$$ on a hood that may not work. Anyway long story short I figured this hood is in pretty rough shape anyway so if it doesn’t work out no loss. It’s coming out pretty good though I think once it is finished it will be something that the average person won’t even notice. First I cut out the center and then put a spacer on the intake manifold to be sure I has adequate clearance. Then I shaped the hood a little to get a nice smooth look and made cardboard templates for the fill pieces. After everything was cut out and cleaned up I tacked it all in and then took the hood off and welded up the inside. Now just need to finish up the body filler and prime and it will be ready for paint.





~ by B. Rogers on June 4, 2012.

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