Busy weekend

This weekend was crazy! Went down to the shop Friday night and we had a small kick back to celebrate Ryan’s birthday and then woke up early Saturday morning to get some car work done before the BBQ birthday bash. Started with welding up the stock rear fenders on the S13 because I only had time to cut them before so they have just been open. They are cut and a patch put in and then seam sealed
so they are clean and don’t look like a hack job. The 510 radiator had been completely trashed for about a year and leaking from the top so I finally measured it and ordered an appropriate sized Griffin radiator for the car. I got the radiator changed out and the system bled then started on prepping and sanding the fenders on the S13 for primer. It was already pretty late by the time they were prepped and the BBQ started so the rest had to wait for Sunday. Sunday I primed the fenders made radiator brackets for the 510 and cleaned up all the rusty water residue that was everywhere in the engine bay. Car runs cold now it’s at thermostat temp pretty much all the time.








~ by B. Rogers on July 23, 2012.

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