Successful Weekend

I got a lot done at the shop this weekend. Went down Friday night because I knew it would be a busy weekend. It was Odi’s birthday party at Adams Motorsports Park and Andrew really wanted to shake down his LS1 swapped FD3S RX7. Last weekend I cut and welded his knuckles for him since stock FD angle is terrible! He also had a busted diff from a video shoot at the shop so he picked up another stock torsion and had it apart for me when I showed up so I could weld it up proper. After he got the diff back in and the car on the ground I did a full initial chassis setup and alignment. The car has never been properly setup before and it really needed it! The rear was crab walking to one side the car wasn’t square and the steering rack wasn’t centered. After I got everything square and even we busted out the alignment and it was ready to roll. Car ran great! It always amazes me how good a properly setup FD drifts. So much forward grip the car is a rocket ship! I can’t wait to get it out on a real track where it can actually stretch it’s legs.

After the FD was squared away and ready to go to the track I busted out as much as possible on my car. Stripped it down and finally got a couple of coats of high fill primer on the car. Now I can wet sand the car and get it ready for final paint prep. Two window guys flaked so I didn’t get a chance to get the windows popped this weekend but I’ll have someone cruise by this weekend and do it for me.

Also some pics from Thursday night drag races at Irwindale with a co-workers turbo VW bug.








~ by B. Rogers on August 12, 2012.

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