Project Cafe Racer: Batteries and Intakes

The cafe racer project is coming along quite quickly which makes me happy! More time riding and less time building. I have a bad habit of spending soooo much time on the build that I never get to enjoy the car/bike so this project was meant to be done quickly and kept running as much as possible. I cleaned up the bike a lot. I have a huge pile of parts under my workbench and they probably add up to 60-80lbs of unneeded junk. I took off the rear fender/grab bar, glove box, rear tailight and signals and replaced everything with an integrated LED light. Took the stock painted air box cover off and replaced it with a custom mounted open element k&n air filter. Made a custom battery box under the seat to mount a ballistic battery so I could remove the painted cover of the right side and the giant stock battery. With everything removed and relocated the bike looks completely different. So much better! It’s coming along nicely and the rear and sides are done so just on to the front cleanup and I can ride it the way it is until I change up the seat and tank.





~ by B. Rogers on October 4, 2012.

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