Project 240sx S13 Convertible

Recently Nicole picked up a new (to her) 240sx S14 street car. It’s clean with stock body and an unmolested Ka24de. I was daily driving it for a couple of weeks while I was fixing little things on it and it sparked my interest in another street car. It’s been forever since I’ve had a street driven 240sx and I kind of miss it. So I started looking…. I knew I wanted a convertible, I knew I wanted an sr20det and I knew it had to be drift able so I could play with it at the track. After searching for what felt like forever, even though it was only a couple of days I found a non-running vert that supposedly had a cracked gas tank. Well I didn’t think that this guy managed to crack a metal gas tank so I took that statement with a grain of salt it had “blown suspension” and that’s why it was so low. Turns out, it just had coils and they were not blown. It was already 5 speed swapped with a diff and a lot of other little extras here and there. I figured for $1000 it was well worth the price even if the ka was bad. So I towed it back to the shop and filled it up with gas, slowly because I was afraid it was going to pour out everywhere like the previous owner had suggested. But alas no leaks! So I went to start it up, threw a new battery in it and boom! It fired right up on the first revolution. Dumbfounded, I start checking for fuel leaks as I cannot understand why it wasn’t running but I can’t find any. After some careful study the alternator was not charging because of the charge light in the dash being burnt out. Other then that the car was cherry. Took it out did some donuts in it and blasted it around and I was very satisfied with my purchase. After a couple more days working on it I had all of the little issues sorted out without spending a dime on the car. Fixed the power top it was just a wiring issue. Cleaned it all up and drove it for a couple of weekends. Then I had the opportunity to come up on a friend’s sr20 swap and I jumped on it. Pulled the ka and sold it for almost the cost of the car making this one very cheap vert shell. So where I’m at now I painted the bay and am cleaning everything up. Changed the clutch to a street able ACT Xt-SS and put an 18g turbo on it so I can later turn up the boost and make a solid 350whp. The plans for this one are to get it back on the road ASAP so in a weeks time I’ve got it almost all ready for the sr20 to go in and the car to be running again.














~ by B. Rogers on July 13, 2013.

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