I’ve Made a Huge Mistake? – from Fellow Kitty

Here’s a blog post from Nicole’s blog Musings of a Fellow Kitty
I've Made a Huge Mistake?

In my never ending quest to be cool, I made an impulse decision to buy an S14. For those of my readers who aren’t constantly preoccupied by the drift scene, that’s a 1995 Nissan 240sx. I have wanted a 14 for quite some time now. Bryan and I were sitting around talking about how we really need to start saving money and that’s when I found it: A clean looking 14 for sale on craigslist for a seemingly low price.

That set us off on yet another one of our adventures. We went to meet the guy at 12. We arrived at 11:50 and I texted him. No answer. We also walk around and do not see the car. At 12 I called. No answer. I saw at 12:04 he has read the original text. Still no response. That pissed me off. We hypothesized that maybe he is coming on his lunch hour to meet us and he’s driving up. I started to get mad and start blowing his phone up with 5-6 calls in a row. At 12:30 we drive off to Vons to cool off and possibly grab a drink. I texted him saying that if he isn’t coming he’d better let me know. As we pull in the parking lot I finally received a text saying he was on his way. So we headed back to the apartment building and again do not see the car. Finally, this kid walks up from across the street and starts looking around. This must be him. (WTF?!) Then he tells us we have to J-Walk back across the street. Then down the block, turned down another street then down another street. (WTF?! WTF?!) FINALLY, we saw the car! Then Bryan gets to work. We started it and took it on an amazing test drive complete with strange suspension noises. But it does seem to be running strong despite the oil that seems to be spilled all over the engine bay. Bryan also found some other things going on with it that weren’t in the ad. Cha$CHing! (The check engine light was on and he goes yeah it’s been on since I got it. Seriously?!)
So after haggling with the guy for a few minutes we gave him $550 under asking price and left with 2 new subwoofers.
We made it as far as the freeway. I followed Bryan onto the freeway and off onto the nearest exit. As soon as the car got hot it was done. Yes, he had a huge coolant leak and possibly a blown head gasket. We sat on the side of the road for a while so Bryan could decide if it was fixable or if we could limp it home. Ultimately the hole in the coolant hose was too big. So we had to call a tow truck and get him towed home. But all in all, a successful day!
Here is with older brother, Datsun 510.


Here is the car picture from the Craigslist ad.


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