Project S13 Convertible Part 2

Finished up the new project car just in time to get it to Sideways Sundays at Lake Elsinore’s Storm Stadium. The car was on low boost with stock injectors and stock ecu so it was down on power from what I was hoping but otherwise it did great! I drove it all day with zero problems and put it on the trailer and took it home. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My JIC Magic FLT-TAR’s that I custom valved and changed to synthetic fluid work great, along with my SB Fab Knuckles and Battleversion suspension. The car has a ton of grip and the setup all worked together great. Guess experience pays off! First day at the track rushed together and I wouldn’t change anything on the chassis. Car is getting water methanol at work now (Banks Power) as well as bigger injectors, tuned ecu, z32 maf and more boost. Can’t wait for more power and bigger tires. Next stop ASB 2013. Need to cage the car before then but otherwise it’s pretty much ready to roll.














~ by B. Rogers on September 14, 2013.

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