Project S13 Convertible Part 3

It’s been a while since an update on the vert project. Not too long but a lot has happened! Took the car out for another test day at Grange to test with the bigger injectors and new tune. The car felt down on power at the first test but I just figured it was stockish sr20 power to blame and I wanted more. Turns out the motor was low compression and it ran better with more boost thrown at it but the blow by got worse throughout the day and eventually was too much for the catch can to handle. Got it back to the shop and did a compression test. 80-90-150-150 sure enough the motor was toast. With only a couple of weeks till ASB 2013 and no time to pickup a motor until the Sunday before ASB it was crunch time. I sourced a long block in good shape with head gaskets and studs in Northern California. To save time my Mother who lives in te Bay Area picked it up and met me halfway. Then it was a weeklong rush to get the car back together and ready for All Star Bash 2013. Even though it was a long week made especially long by being slammed at work I got it all done and loaded up around 2:00am Saturday morning. Straight up to Willow with no sleep and drove all day Saturday with only one small problem. The ecu hasn’t ever been bolted down and it started shorting against the chassis on some turns. Cleaned everything up and mounted the ecu and it ripped all weekend with no hiccups. Couldn’t be happier with the car. Then for my birthday a couple of weeks later I took it to Grange again a couple weeks later. Guess the newly found power on the new motor was too much for my street disc rated at 350 ft/lbs because it started slipping at high boost. Time for a 6 puck! Cars awesome though and super fun to drive.













~ by B. Rogers on December 12, 2013.

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