Project VH45DE Coupe

With the season coming to an end and the vert running great I’ve decided to switch gears a little but and revisit an old project with a new goal. Most of you know my VH45DE powered Nissan 240sx Coupe. The engine swap was finished up and running 2+years ago and then I got busy and it went on the back burner, it was originally supposed to be a street car which made the whole project a lot more work than a dedicated track car would be. So with the off season here it was time to make a decisions about what car I wanted to drive for 2014 and plans for a build for this season of top drift. The vert has since become a street car and the coupe project was revisited with a new goal. Dedicated track car! Even though it sounded like a great idea and most people think the car was already “built” it was far from where it needed to be in order to be competitive. Since the rebuild has started I’ve put my knuckles on and modified the front suspension completely in order to get maximum angle this season with no rubbing or binding, the rear subframe was removed for Powered by Max (pbm) subframe risers and pbm drop knuckles, also a full set of battleversion arms and modified stock lower control arms. The oil cooler setup was simplified with no thermostat as well as going over every line and tank to simplify and eliminate any problem areas before I go to shake down. The chassis is all worked out now and back on the ground with the initial setup done and the car running and driving on it’s own. Next up is to cage this thing up.
















~ by B. Rogers on January 31, 2014.

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