Project VH45DE Coupe: More progress…. Still not finished

Been working mornings and nights before and after work to try and get the VH45DE powered coupe finished up before shakedown. Unfortunately my trailer was stolen from a locked facility at work and so I missed JustDrift season opener at horse thief mile. But setback or not I’m still pushing forward. Cage is almost done and just the passenger side door bar is left. I’ll add gussets and dimple die plates later when time allows but we are getting down to the wire now so I have to prioritize. Also got the trans tunnel reinforced and welded up my powered by max hydro handle with wilwood standalone reservoir to actuate my 2nd set of z32 rear calipers. A lot of other little things buttoned up and just received my tuned ecu today which should make the car noticeably more powerful. More updates after shakedown.











~ by B. Rogers on February 25, 2014.

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