Project VH45DE Coupe: Ketchup

Sorry everyone I know I’ve been lagging on the updates! I’ve just gotten so lazy since instagram because it’s so easy to quick updates for everyone to see. I’ll try to keep this updated though because it’s more in depth with the build, my life and my travels. I left off with the car having rod knock at shakedown after 2 laps. So I started looking into all of the vh45 oiling issues. There is a lot of misinformation the Internet about the issues vh45 has with the oiling system. Some of it I have since disproven through research and testing and others from just plain common sense. When I put the new motor in I wanted it to be reliable. Something I can just drive and beat ok all day then pack up and go home. The solution was an accusump and simplifying some of the oil lines. I added an oil pressure gauge for the accusump as well so I can monitor it from inside the car and give me a real look at what’s going on. Also finalized some details on the car and got it ready for paint and body!













~ by B. Rogers on December 9, 2014.

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