Re-Introduction: To Riding and To Blogging 

Well shit. It’s been a while, I guess for a lot of reasons, mainly because I thought blogging was dead but also because my business had taken over my personal social media. I’m definitely not complaining because has experienced an incredible level of growth in the past 3 years and for that I’d like to thank everyone that has been involved! I would not have been able to be so successful thus far without the support of people who follow me personally. Now that I’ve split the business from my personal social media I can get back to posting up random and offensive shit on the Internet! 

I purchased my latest Ducati for my birthday in November of last year. The purchase was made entirely from my love of the Ducati Monster S4R that I purchased earlier in the year. I’ve been riding for about 15 years and spent a good amount of my pre-drifting SoCal life riding Ortega Canyon. When I found and fell in love with drifting the bikes went away and I had to focus on only one hobby. 

About 5 years ago, I had the bug to start riding again and built a Yamaha XV920r Virago Cafe Racer. It was right around the time that the iconic XV started hitting social media and luckily, I purchased mine before the Virago tax was instituted. It was a great bike, looked good, and it was comfortable. It also got me through some financial rough times when I rode everyday rain or shine because I could only afford to ride the bike. The only problem: it wasn’t a canyon carver and I had no confidence even taking it in the canyons. 

I’ve always had a huge crush on Ducati’s classic superbike styling and had even spent far too long trying to bring a 748 back to life. That project had long been neglected when an S4R popped up for sale. The S4R was a bike I had always wanted and would occasionally check for on Craigslist after the bike bug bit me again. Very rarely, one would come up and always when they did they were extremely overpriced. But this one was in my price range and most importantly it was the right color!  Of course, in true to us fashion, I found the bike on a Friday night and picked it up Saturday morning. 
That bike is the bike that got me back to seriously riding and ultimately led me to the decision that I would focus on becoming a better rider this year and put all other hobbies aside. 

More to come on my journey to being a better rider but this shit has gotten too long already so I’ll ramble on in another post. 

~ by B. Rogers on July 7, 2017.

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