Jungle Gym and Dampers

This weekend I didnt get as much done as I would have liked because I only worked a short day on Saturday but still got plenty handled. Saturday I pulled the rear dampers off to revalve them, since the wieght of the car will be way down especially in there rear and the fact that the car will make twice as much if not more power then the last time I had it out I wanted the compression dampening to be a little softer and I wanted to also play with rebound a little so I have more adjustment in the range that I would actually use. We had the dampers pretty stiff before because no power so I am trying to get a little more rear traction now.

Since the car was so rushed for XDC Vegas I obviously didnt finish all the bars I wanted to on the cage so I finally got around to doing the other bars on the interior that I wanted to finish up. I X’d out the rear floor to keep the weight as low as possible. I am a little worried about the rear shock towers moving if I wall tap or crash in the rear because everything will be tube chassis and tied into the rear shock towers. So I am doing everything i can to tie the strut towers into the cage. I am going to be doing the same for the front in case I crash with the front it will hopefully keep everything where its supposed to be. Then instead of adding a knee bar in the front I took the stock dash bar out and then made a new one tied into the cage. Made a huge difference in stiffness because its such a big open area in the cage. It will also let me tie in the front strut towers and bulkhead to the cage. Only thing left on the interior is cleanup and redo 2 short bars on the door bars that I am unhappy with.

The whole cage and most of everything I do now on the chassis is tig welded. Its so nice and clean I love it.

~ by B. Rogers on August 1, 2010.

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