Crazy week

Well, starting last Friday night it’s been pretty crazy. I left right after work to head up to San Fransisco to visit my Mom and pick up a z32 transmission for the Q45. The trip was actually pretty good despite some rain. The Q45 is just so comfortable and cruises at 85mph on the freeway – so nice! Got up to SF late Friday night and only spent Saturday in the city because Sunday I had to drive to Fresno and pick up the trans. I got it for a good price, $180, so it was worth the trip up north. I got back home and relaxed for a second before I was back to work the next morning. Then, Monday morning, Jon told me and Bruiser that we are headed to SEMA Tuesday at 4:30am. I finished up work Monday, went home and went almost straight to bed. Woke up at 3:30am and headed to the shop. Bruce decided to take the first span of driving and in true Team Magic Wave fashion, we are on the road maybe 5 minutes when the front bolts on the transmission skid plate fall out on the e30 and we start dragging it down the freeway at 80mph. It made some terrible noises and I had no idea what it was but they sounded like death. We pulled over and as soon as we start slowing down the sound goes away and we figure it out. So we ripped it off the rest of the way and took off again. The rest of the trip was smooth besides bruiser trying to fall asleep behind the wheel but that’s pretty normal. We walked the whole SEMA and AAPEX show grabbed buffet at Paris hotel and headed home. We were back by 10:30 it turned out to be a pretty fun trip but it definitely took it’s toll on us. I didn’t take too many pics so I’ll post the randoms I took.

~ by B. Rogers on November 4, 2010.

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