Been working on the cylinder head to prep it for final install and been setting valve lash. I had all the stock shims organized on a piece of paper to make it easy to measure for correct thickness. Also drilled and tapped the oil feed to the head for vvl and put a 1/8″npt plug in it because I’ll be running oil to the solenoids from the oil distribution block. Had to also drill and tap for 1/8″npt plug on the block for the stock vtc oil fees since I won’t be using vtc anymore 🙂 a lot of small things before I can torque down the head but it’s getting there and I’m getting excited to finally put the motor in the car so I can mock up the front tube chassis.

~ by B. Rogers on December 18, 2010.

6 Responses to “Shims!”

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  2. Arg I hate doing shims on the VE. Thank god for Harley
    V-rod shims.

  3. Took me 3 trips to get the right ones for the exhaust side after I messed up the math on them.

  4. I should have done that the 1st time I walked into the Harley dealer, but I thought I had it right the 1st time hahaha.

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