Redheaded stepchild

I always drive the 510 because I love driving it, it’s fun to drive and it’s pretty reliable even though I really don’t take care of it at all. Last Sunday after running a bunch of errands I parked the car and the right rear wheel cylinder just randomly decided to explode. It had been leaking for a while so I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise. Limped it to work and while I was waiting for parts I decided to take care of some little things I have been putting off forever. The car hasn’t been charging for the last year or so and so I usually just put it on the charger once a week and charge the battery up. As long as the car is running I usually am too busy with other projects to work on the 510 so it gets neglected! So I ordered a new Saturn sl2 single wire alternator and put it on the car, now it’s charging 14+ volts with the lights on at idle. Great no more jumping the car or pop starting it. Also did an oil and transmission oil change because I haven’t changed the oil since I started driving the car 2 years ago 😦 changed out the wheel cylinder and then revalved the rear Coilovers. They were originally dampers from my s13 so the dampening was way too stiff and the rear suspension never really had any travel because of it. Got them all setup properly and the car rides soooooo good now it’s night and day. Also handles a lot better now that the rear suspension moves. Still need to soften up the fronts some and maybe order new springs. That’s it for now some other little things like s13 rear seat and misc interior pieces. I’ll post up info later.




~ by B. Rogers on August 28, 2011.

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