Oil Temps Managed

Since the S13 is a street car I wanted to make it hassle free to drive so I decided to run an oil thermostat to help with warm up. Since I’ve never used one i guess I never realized what a huge pain in the ass they are! There is no room in the engine bay with the vh45 it’s so crammed in there as it is that adding anything is a huge task. Finally got all the oil lines figured out and fitting nicely.





~ by B. Rogers on April 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Oil Temps Managed”

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  2. I dig the power steering relocation and the catch can mount job. Are you going to be keeping a/c with this car since I see the a/c dryer mounted up.

  3. I like the relocated power steering pump and the catch can radiator mount. I need to do something similar with my catch can. Question, are you going to run a/c on this car since I see your dryer mounted up in front of the car.

    • Thanks! The plan is to run A/C I have the compressor mounted as well that’s why I notched the frame rail for the alternator instead of relocating it. I have a complete digital climate control setup as well.

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