Seriously Big Changes

I have always found it a little cliché when someone mentions a chapter in their life coming to a close or a new one starting but I have to admit that lately I can relate to the sentiment. After 3 years at JIC-Magic USA I will be moving on to start my own business. I will be opening a shop in Ontario, CA specializing in Chassis Setup and Custom Fabrication. I am truly grateful for all I have learned and been able to accomplish at JIC but the time has come for me to prepare for my future and work for myself. The shop will be equipped to handle roll cages, partial tube chassis, custom suspension design such as knuckles and control arms, full chassis wiring, milspec conversion, custom exhaust, engine swaps and rebuilds. We can accomodate pretty much anything you would want done to a car. I will post more information when I find shop space and finalize all of the details. Stay tuned for information on our grand opening party after everything is setup and we are completely moved in. Until then, I will be doing work out of a friend’s shop in Ontario so if you need anything done please hit me up Thanks for reading!

I’m just going to drop a bunch of pictures of past work to give everyone an idea of the kind of work that will be done at the new shop.
















~ by B. Rogers on June 18, 2012.

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