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Chris Martin posted on his facebook wall about freedom which led to an offhand remark from me about the song “me and bobby mcgee”. Knowing full well that the quote would be lost on most people it led me to find a good version on youtube to post as a comment on his post about freedom. That in turn led me to think about the times when I have been backed into a corner so to speak and I realized that those were the only times that I truly fought for my freedom and since I am in a good mood lately and a lot of good things have happened in my life recently I just wanted to remind everyone that you should do what makes you happy you shouldn’t have to get to the point where you have nothing left to lose to make you fight for what makes you happy.

P.S. In my mind Bobby will always be a woman and all of the female covers of this song even though I love the artists dont do it justice. Kris Kristofferson is one of the best versions by far.

~ by B. Rogers on July 17, 2012.

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